IBCR 2012-XL: International Business Case Report (upgraded)

Success through Diversity Management: 135 empirical studies (up from 90) on the economic relevance, benefits and value-added from D&I

Diversity and Inclusion has been established as a strategic approach in the U.S., across EMEA, in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and other countries worldwide. But, what in fact can organisations gain from Diversity? Which empirically measurable results are achieved by heterogeneous teams and what effect does Inclusion have on sales?

The new ‘International Business Case Report’ (IBCR 2012-XL) provides new answers to the profitability and specific benefits of Diversity with a systematic evaluation of 135 relevant empirical studies from around the world. The report summarises the most relevant research projects related to D&I and provides a robust rationale for proactively managing diversity.

IBCR 2012-XL is based on (and fully includes) the previous IBCR (2009) and BCR (2007); upgrades to the new extended version are hence available. Research for IBCR 2012-XL was closed 21 Dec 2011.

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Focus Areas

What business effects are achieved through Diversity & Inclusion?

Diversity offers solutions for core strategic challenges such as fostering innovation, leveraging globalisation and sustaining growth. The extended ‘International Business Case Report 2012′ presents 135 empirical studies (35 newly added, current studies plus 90 from 2009 report) on the economic benefits of D&I:

Individual productivity – How does inclusiveness propel engagement and thus personal effectiveness?

Team work – What benefits arise from heterogeneous teams?

Market – What influence does Diversity marketing have on sales?

Employer branding – How D&I strategies help attract talented professionals and fully utilise their potential?

Financial markets – How can Diversity promote the attractiveness of the company for investors?

Environment – How do tremendous societal changes impact competitiveness?

The IBCR 2012-XL considers different perspectives, advantages and strategic implications. The systematic report structure is organised according to the concrete needs of your organisation with each study conveniently summarised and presented on a single page.

Profit from the content of this comprehensive research and order here or download our informational leaflet.


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This report presents an unrivalled collection of studies, thus making a compelling case for Diversity Management. IBCR 2012-XL hence provides a mixture of inspiration for comprehensive D&I approaches and empirical evidence on the benefits of a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace.

As a desktop reference tool, it helps convince your internal stakeholders of the need for and benefit from D&I.

The report:

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