Disruption Bingo

Some focus on digitalisation, others on economy 4.0 and a few see the bigger picture of several disruptive forces and how these will affect our work and our lives. The good news is: Everybody can prepare themselves to become ‘Futureproof’. A new book provides structured analyses and describes implications as well as recommendations.

Hardly any conference these days that will not touch or focus on digitalization. The essence of most analyses is: The scope of change is huge and even dramatic in many areas. While most discussions tackle the more general levels of increased work segregation (both up and downgrading effects, sometimes at the same time), the new book “Futureproof” describes the keys to survival in today’s fast paced environment. The onslaught of new technologies has already had an impact on every industry or sector. Business, government, society and individuals have all seen their habits and precepts upended by the new tech. Along with this, old values have been put into doubt, if not needing to be replaced.

12 Disruptive forces, carefully analysed and practically discussed

The comprehensive, forward-thinking yet hands-on approach of the book can be seen from the selection of topics. It provides in-depth analyses of the disruptive effects of the web, the smartphone and the cloud as key areas where transformation is already felt by many. The following chapters look at data-related and computing trends including security, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and big data. The book also explores technologies that are more cutting edge, far from mainstream, but whose potential impact to disrupt businesses may be around the corner, including Blockchain, 3D printing, energy storage, self-driving and genomics. For each technology, the authors use stories and business cases to define and clarify the risks and opportunities. The web section, e.g., looks at social media, e-commerce, e-learning and peer-to-peer and provides answers to the key question ‘why do you need to worry’ along with a three-parted recommendation section (A slice of PIE: personal, internal, and external). With accessible language, the book makes clear what’s to fear and what we should be realistically excited about.

The overarching themes provide linkages with D&I

As much as it’s important to get your head around new technologies, what they are and how they can be used, the book firmly stakes out that, above all else, it’s a question of mindset. With a focus on developing both sound thinking and a strong foundation for disruptive leaders to build from, the authors, Caleb Storkey and Minter Dial, present the 3 most important mindsets that are needed to successfully tackle disruptive forces: Meaningfulness (purpose and values), (personal) Responsibility and Collaboration (the way should work together in the future). Along those lines, they describe that every professional, in order to flourish in the age of disruption, needs to re-examine her/his thinking, habits and patterns of behaviour. As an additional input, diversity expert, Michael Stuber, has described the reciprocal linkage of D&I and managing disruptive forces on the blog that features a number of additional perspectives: http://futureproof.ly/%E2%80%8Bdiversity-inclusion-michael-stuber/

To sum up

For each technology, even if your business may not directly be involved, there are specific ways you are likely to be affected. Leaders read and readers lead, and where many don’t have the time to delve into each of the technologies individually, the authors give you a riveting, engaging and whistle-stop tour outlining the core elements you need to know. In every case, Futureproof helps you understand the options and opportunities.


Futureproof. How To Get Your Business Ready For The Next Disruption

By: Minter Dial, Caleb Storkey

ISBN: 9781292186399

ISBN-10: 1292186399

328 pages