Global Diversity & Inclusion Leaders meet in Mumbai

Having a truly global and inspirational discussion about D&I. This is one of the aims of the World D&I Congress taking place in February 2018 in Mumbai and hence away from the mainstream. It will be hosted by D&I pioneer, Michael Stuber, and it coincides with the World Women Leadership Congress.

The need for a Global D&I forum

We speak a lot about Globalisation in a business context, but how often do we actually experience global dynamics in our D&I work or apply a truly global perspective? Both is considered difficult in times when implementing effective programmes on the ground (i.e. mostly locally) often is a priority. Also, some D&I practitioners challenge the notion of Global D&I and insist that regional and local approaches are more effective. In addition, echo chambers provide positive feedback that can appear to be more helpful than reaching out to people who see things (and the world) from a different perspective. “As business continues to develop on global scales, D&I must provide answers on the same level”, recommends Diversity expert, Michael Stuber, who will be hosting the upcoming World D&I Congress in Mumbai. He reports outstandingly inspiring experiences from his participation in 2017 when he gave the opening key-note.

An innovative, unusual forum

The World Diversity & Inclusion Congress will bring together some 100 thought leaders from the field. It takes place as part of the World HRD Congress, which offers a global platform that helps HR leaders(from more than 130 countries!) to listen to the best in their field and learn from each other. In order to achieve that, the event focuses on both networking and advancing each of the HR disciplines covered, including employee engagement, strategic HRM, talent management & recruiting as well as Diversity & Inclusion. It coincides with the World Women Leadership Congress which recognises the profound role women plan in shaping the future. When Dr. Bathia started his first World HRD Congress in 1992, there was no Internet at the time and the event title was ‘The Great HR Show’. Global HR Leaders from across 13 countries got together for creating a learning opportunity. Over the years the event grew in size and came to be recognised as one of the leading and pioneering events in the HR world.

Quality Practices from around the world

Over the years, the World D&I Congress presented good practices from global corporations as well as local players. International leaders included Johnson & Johnson, IBM, AXA or Tata. For the 2018 edition, the organisers are still looking of innovative practices, for example from Africa, Asia, Latin America or Australia. The organising committee can be contacted by email or ‘Fun And Joy’ is an independent and not-for-profit organisation, guided by an Advisory Council. Their purpose is to make ‘work and working lives better’. And at a time of unprecedented change, they have the vision, the agility and the strength to make a real difference to the HR community, business and the economy.


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