IBCR 3.0: The lastest International Business Case Report for Diversity available now

As a new milestone in the history of the Business Case for Diversity, this 3rd edition of the unique global research report summarises 195 carefully selected studies (60 more than the previous 2012 edition) substantiating the value-added from Diversity & Inclusion.

A quantum leap in both quantity and quality of evidence on D&I benefits: IBCR 3.0 takes the Business Case for Diversity to a new level by providing new quality of evidence for the benefits of effectively managing differences. The report does this through 195 systematically evaluated empirical studies from 28 different countries or regions, all checked for significance, robustness, validity, reliability and, if applicable, for statistical bias. It covers 6 out of 7 key dimensions of diversity: Age, Ethnicity/Culture, Disability, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Work/Life-Balance. The studies show that D&I leads to internal benefits on organisational, interpersonal and individual levels as well as external advantages vis-à-vis clients or markets, shareholders or candidates.

A convincing desktop reference tool: The new International Business Case Report is an indispensable desktop reference tool that helps you convincing your internal stakeholders of the need for and benefits from D&I. Furthermore, it implies strategic advice on how to fine-tune your D&I programmes for effectiveness and success. For many studies go beyond simple causalities and show mediating or moderating factors that make a difference. The International Business Case Report 3.0 presents an unrivalled collection of selected, high-quality studies on managing differences in a various business areas. IBCR 3.0 hence provides a mixture of inspiration for comprehensive D&I approaches and empirical evidence on the benefits of a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace. Everybody can benefit from this unique 257 pages collection of validated insight. The single-organisation license costs 670 Euro plus VAT (if applicable) and upgrades from previous versions are available. The report is delivered by email in PDF-format.

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