Scaling D&I to reach the mainstream

A new series of articles reframes D&I to shift the focus from special interest groups to large audiences. It was often proclaimed that ‚everyone‘ should be part of D&I and that it is an embedded business topic. Here are three related deep dives.

A good part of D&I work consists of programme management and partnerships. That’s fair and needed. Let’s see where we get if we push the boundaries of established formats and narratives.

  • What if we consciously include diversity in our mass communication?
  • What if we consider the impact of covid-19 on the vast majority of employees?
  • What if we take a closer look at what is commonly called ‚the business case for D&I‘?

This series forms part of our mission to create impact with insight-based, international, innovative Engineering D&I.


Utilise D&I where your core business happens: in Marketing – International

D&I seems to have a natural focus on differences among employees. However, the largest efforts – including in financial terms – are made on your markets. Therefore, I have analysed D&I in marketing or advertising on many occasions. This article summarises some current research combined with analyses of some of the most expensive ads. I also add some specific examples from the sales arena. Altogether, this shall inspire more discussion to make D&I a natural component of everyday business reality.

  • Diversity in Advertising? Global survey spurs hope
  • Scope and Learning for D&I and marketing practices
  • How much D&I is in the world’s most expensive advertisements?
  • How to get it D&I in Marketing right
  • Conclusion: Recognising the entire market – leveraging all of diversity

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Mind the majority: Why covid is not great learning for everyone- critical thinking

The learning from covid-19 is often seen as a great transformational opportunity. It can be exactly that if we manage to see the flip sides and succeed in embracing those who have experienced kind of a trauma in their traditional jobs. This analysis first takes a differentiated look that includes both the perils and pearls of covid-19 implications and then compares the situation with the dynamics of previous cases where a large mainstream group did not feel included in the equation.

  • Solidarity or Suspiciousness?
  • Humanity or Hostility?
  • Who needs help vs. who deserves it?
  • The danger of many more ‘Google Memo’ cases ahead
  • Transformation or Trauma?

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What you need to make an impactful Business Case for D&I- insight

Are you building Global business cases to position Global D&I? And unit-specific cases to create operational momentum? Or do you insist on a value-based, CR-focused, human rights related storyline? In my experience – and confirmed by latest research – a solid business rationale reframes D&I in a way that gets more and different people on board – not only the ‘already converted’. This article explores the different elements a robust business case requires beyond simply quoting studies that talk about benefits based on correlations (and do not provide evidence in the first place).

  • The limited power of common place business case statements
  • Identifying 3 essential business case perspectives
  • The fundamental WHY is the most difficult of all D&I questions
  • Showing a concrete need is necessary to make your case for action
  • Providing evidence for the measurable benefits of well-managed D&I
  • More than doing maths: statistical robustness tests of business case studies
  • Your complete, consistent and convincing business case

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Michael Stuber is The European D&I Engineer and founder of European Diversity, the EMEA level D&I pioneer and provider of evidence-based, international and innovative D&I strategies and solutions. Visit our website here.