Spanish Diversity Honours

For the second time, the Spanish Diversity Foundation recognised employers in different categories for their D&I work. The award-type ceremony formed part of a larger event that also included a Social Responsibility label and the signing of the Diversity Charter.

The Spanish Diversity Honours aim at recognising initiatives that incorporate various paradigms of D&I management including integration, equal opportunities for all employees and sustainability. The acknowledgements are deliberately not called awards or prizes (Spanish ‘premios’) as they do not include an economic reward, while they do provide the benefits of public recognition and publicity.

As part of the eligibility criteria, it is an essential requirement to be a signatory of the Diversity Charter. Potential winners are split up in three categories, according to size and origin: small to medium enterprises, large enterprises with diversity activities implemented in Spain, and large enterprises with presence in another EU country for implementing global diversity activities.

Evaluation criteria

  • Comprehensive nature of the initiative, i.e. covering different dimensions of Diversity (gender, disability, cultural diversity, age, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • Leadership of the initiative, i.e. the extent to which management is involved from the beginning (in the development) and how the activities influence different parts of the organisation
  • Integration of D&I into the strategic priorities and plans of the organisation
  • Incorporation of monitoring mechanisms and the evaluation of results from the onset of the initiative
  • The impact achieved by the initiative and the level of diversity within the workforce

A real competition

A total of 68 companies and organisations submitted their candidature to the Second Diversity acknowledgments. The finalists all displayed excellent diversity management practices and included Accenture SL, Ambuiberica, Amadeus IT Group SA, Fraunidad-Muprespa, Hefame Group, Ilunion Group, IBECON, JT International SL, La Sepulvedana SA and Xerox Spain. The members of the Board of Trustees of Fundación Diversidad announced the actual winners and handed over the acknowledgments to

Aguas de Valladolid (EX AEQUO), 167 employees, in the small to medium enterprise category. They are recognised for incorporating the diversity dimensions gender, generations and disability.

Metlife (280 employees in Spain) was acknowledged for incorporating the diversity dimensions gender, generations and cultures.

AXA (more than 500 employees in Spain), in the large enterprise category, was recognised for incorporating the diversity dimensions of LGBT, gender, disability, generational and cultures.

Finally, Henkel (917 employees in Spain) was acknowledged under the international category for incorporating the following diversity dimensions: gender, generational and cultural.

These 4 companies stood out for their innovative practices and their long-term commitment to diversity management among their peers.

For more information about the event, including the SR label and the signing ceremony please visit (in Spanish)